"Is Animal Testing Necessary?" - A Public Panel Discussion by YAPAC

"The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But can they suffer?" - Jeremy Bentham

Why do we test on animals for cosmetics? For science? If not animal testing, what are the alternatives? If there are no immediate alternatives, should we even pursue such research? What of the undeniable benefits that such testing has yielded for the human race? What can we, as consumers, do to help eliminate unnecessary suffering?

YAPAC proudly presents "Is Animal Testing Necessary?" - a public panel discussion that seeks to explore and grapple with whether animal testing is truly necessary in cosmetics and science, and if so, where the line should be drawn (assuming that one should indeed be drawn). Our panelists represent the various knowledge spheres most immediately relevant to the issue (cosmetics, science, philosophy, NGOs), and will shed light on how we can best navigate a longstanding institution that has driven much of human advancement since classical antiquity.

Our esteemed panelists:

Dr. Jaipal Singh Gill, Executive Director, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore.
Having a passion for social causes, Dr. Gill jumped at the opportunity to work as an Inspector for the SPCA in 2008 and has not looked back since. The role, which involved investigating cruelty cases and working to improve the lives of neglected pets, gave him a good understanding of animal welfare problems on the ground. He later took on the role of Operations Manager at SPCA and ran animal welfare programs in Singapore. During his Animal Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine studies, he learned about and was exposed to various animal industries. He has spent time on factory farms, in abattoirs, wildlife parks and animal testing laboratories. Jaipal firmly believes that all sentient creatures great and small deserve our consideration.

Mr. Zohar Lederman, MD, PhD Candidate at the Center for Biomedical Ethics, National University of Singapore (NUS).
Mr. Zohar Lederman is a medical doctor who has studied philosophy in Israel and medicine in Italy, and is now a PhD Candidate at the Center for Biomedical Ethics, NUS. His dissertation focuses on the ethics of culling as a public measure, as well as One Health, a multidisciplinary biomedical approach for improving the well-being of humans, non-human animals, and the environment.

Ms. Ekta Jagtiani, PR & Marketing Executive, LUSH Singapore.
Ms. Ekta Jagtiani is the PR & Marketing Executive at LUSH Singapore. Ms. Ekta has a Bachelor in the Social Sciences from SMU, and has been working at Lush for 4 years now, having first started there as a Christmas temp whilst studying for her degree. As a vegetarian and animal lover, the company's stance on animal welfare has always been important to her, as it is to the other employees at LUSH. She is now responsible for LUSH Singapore's brand communications and ethical campaigns, especially overseeing its charitable giving program and ethical campaigns. She has also worked on the LUSH Prize team, which is an annual prize fund that supports animal-free testing. Lush has been fighting animal testing for decades, and is committed to buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals.

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